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Ice Cream Recipes From 1907

In a previous post, we featured candy recipes from the 1907 Ice Cream and Candy Makers’ Factory Guide.  As you can tell from the title, the guide also has an ice cream section.

The ice cream section begins with recipes for Neapolitan style and Philadelphia style ice cream. Neapolitan style ice cream is made with cream, eggs, sometimes milk, and requires cooking, while Philadelphia style ice cream uses pure cream without eggs. Other recipes include ones for frozen custards, plain ice cream, gelatine ice cream, and fruit creams such as pineapple, orange, and strawberry ice cream.

Ice Cream and Candy Makers’ Factory Guide from the Horizontal Freezer Co. of Chicago, IL can be found in the Trade Literature Collection at the National Museum of American History Library. Additional images from this catalog and other items from the trade literature collection can be found on flickr.—Alexia MacClain


  1. It is interesting that ice cream was made long-before refrigerators were invented. Many methods were used, including mixtures of ice and salt that would keep the ice cream extra cold. So many of us take our refrigerators for granted!

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