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The High Price of Tea

Thomas Webster, An Encyclopedia of Domestic Economy, 1845

Thomas Webster, An Encyclopedia of Domestic Economy, 1845

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. The Libraries has many books on this important historical event—in its collections at the National Museum of American History Library, Smithsonian American Art/Portrait Gallery Library and even its Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum Library in New York:

Tea leaves: being a collection of letters and documents relating to the shipment of tea to the American colonies in the year 1773, by the East India Tea Company. / Now first printed from the original manuscript. With an introd., notes, and biographical notices of the Boston Tea Party., 1970.

The night the Revolution began; the Boston Tea Party, 1773, / by Wesley S. Griswold, 1972.

The Boston Tea Party, Catayst for revolution. An exhibition commemorating the 200th anniversary. / [by] Arlene Phillips Kleeb, 1973.

The Boston Tea Party. Labaree, Benjamin Woods. New York, Oxford University Press, 1964.

The Boston tea party, December 1773 / / drawn by H.W. McVickar ; text by Josephine Pollard, c.1882.—Elizabeth Periale

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  1. a lettle thing that not a lot of people knows is that Thomas Webster was a huge tea drinker

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