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Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!!!


Did you know that Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the last Monday of the month of January?

Here at the Libraries we have many reasons to appreciate bubble wrap, as evidenced by these photos.

Rare-book librarians LOVE bubble-wrap.

In 2003 and 2006 a total of approximately 10,000 volumes were packed and transported from other rare-book locations into the Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History, the Libraries’ new rare-book room in the National Museum of Natural History. Each and every book, including some very large ones, was wrapped in bubble-wrap and packed with others in a box with yet more bubble-wrap. This protected fragile bindings, gilt-decorated spines, and other physical aspects of the volumes from bumps and abrasions and from sudden changes in environmental conditions during the move.

But now what do we do with all of it ?!?—Leslie Overstreet

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  1. keri

    I heard on the news this morning that this year it’s the 50th anniversary of the invention of bubble wrap, and that it was originally developed as a textured wall covering. I find it hard to believe that anyone would think consumers wanted puffy plastic wallpaper, but it seems true (search for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day).

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