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Women’s History Month: Golf

The Lovett Co., Lovett's Guide (1898), Little Silver, NJ

The Lovett Co., Lovett's Guide (1898), Little Silver, NJThe Libraries' trade literature collection is a resource that tells us about commerce in this country, but it is also a peek into society and its customs. 

Witness this 1898 seed catalogue. Lovett's Guide, from Little Silver, N.J. aims to sell grass seed, yes, but it is also trying to appeal to the modern woman. Not only is the lady (probably the mother in this family) front and center, but she definitely looks like she can teach her husband and son a thing or two about golf and the green. 

During most of the 1890s ladies' fashion still featured wasp-waisted attire for women, and this golfing outfit is no exception. But it is from the end of the decade, and the shorter length and sportier, simpler styling are a hint of changes to come.

—Elizabeth Periale

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