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A Girl’s Best Friend?

April's birthstone is the diamond.

I'm sure Marilyn Monroe's alter-ego Lorelei Lee would have been proud to wear any of the fabulous stones pictured below.—Elizabeth Periale

Lewis Feuchtwanger, A popular treatise on gems : in reference to their scientific value : a guide for the teacher of natural sciences, the jeweller, and amateur : together with a description of the elements of mineralogy, and all ornamental and architectural materials, 1867, The Most Celebrated Cut Diamonds


  1. I was not aware that the art of cutting diamonds was so well developed back in 1860’s. Some of the shapes look very sophisticated indeed.

  2. Really interesting to see the different antique diamond cuts. We were attempting to work out the diamond cut referenced no. 28 in the diagram. Many of the cuts appear to be styled around the Rose Cut of diamond, with some simple step cuts included on-page. It would be wonderful to see more detail on this subject in subsequent posts. Thanks again for sharing.

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