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May is “Flower Month”

50 State Birds & FlowersThe idea of state flowers first occurred in 1893 at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, where women's groups had decorated their state exhibits with representative flowers. During the fair, a women's congress proposed the selection of a national garland of flowers, each flower to be chosen by the people of a state and adopted by its legislature.

Bird lovers soon suggested the adoption of state birds as well. In many states, plant growers, Audubon societies, nature and garden clubs, and legislators campaigned for favorite flowers and birds.

Flowers and birds are depicted together on the commemorative stamp set issued April 14, 1982, representing all 50 states.

—Beverly Coward

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Maryland State Stamp
Virginia Cardinal Stamp

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  1. beautiful stamps. really may is a month of flowers.
    thanks for sharing

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