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What About Cheesecake?

Baking Pan catalogueThe Libraries has a title that immediately attracted my attention, The Easy-Bake oven gourmet. It has quite an extensive list of wonderful items you can concoct with your easy bake oven, but where's the cheesecake? Being National Cheesecake Day, I was sure that if there was anything easy to bake, it might be cheesecake.

Here are the contents:

A bright idea — Still baking after all these years — Do try this at home — Easy does it–savories: Rick Bayless, Chilaquiles with roasted tomato salsa ; Mark Bittman, Baked chicken breast with cherry tomatoes and capers ; Erik Blauberg, deep dish truffle lobster pie ; Tom Douglas, Palace olive poppers ; Rob Feenie, Roasted quail breast with wild mushrooms and pomme Anna ; Bobby Flay, Queso fundido with roasted poblano vinaigrette ; Mollie Katzen, Carrot kugel ; Cindy Pawlcyn, Jalapeño corn cakes ; Caprial Pence, Wild mushroom flan ; Rob Seideman, Paper-wrapped chicken ; Walter Staib, Ham and spinach quiche, Sweet potato biscuits — Easy does it–sweets: Flo Braker, Almond-raspberry cake with white chocolate and cream cheese frosting ; Clare Crespo, Good morning dessert ; Gale Gand, PB&J stuffed shortbread rounds ; Eleni Gianopoulos, Almost round sugar cookies ; Martin Howard, Uncle Marsha's apple pot pie, Whoopie pies ; David Lebovitz, Warm kumquat-and-date sticky toffee pudding ; Emily Luchetti, Pear streusel coffee cake ; Alice Medrich, Coconut Sarah Bernhardts ; Mary Sue Milliken, Shortbread kisses ; Guillermo Pernot, Alfajor de dulce de leche, Empanadas de postre ; Colette Peters, Bourbon chocolate birthday cake ; Anne Quatrano, Black and white cookies ; Amy Scherber, Old-fashioned strawberry shortcake, Double-decker gingerbread cake with lemon sauce ; Rob Seideman, Chocolate tostadas ; Art Smith, Pecan ice box cookies ; Walter Staib, Linzertorte ; Sherry Yard, Apple butterscotch grunt.

Mark Bittman? Gourmet indeed!

Maybe a heart-shaped cheesecake is in order? Happy easy baking!

Elizabeth Periale

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    Piper Coll

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