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Meet Summer Intern Sara Clark

SaraClark The Libraries’ Adopt-a-Book program is off to a great start, thanks to summer intern Sara Clark! A 2010 graduate from William & Mary College, Sara recently earned a B.B.A. with a major in marketing and a minor in art history. She was a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority while at William & Mary.

This summer, Sara is an intern for the Libraries’ Director’s Office, working closely with Deputy Director Mary Augusta Thomas and the Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board. Sara is plowing through a large and daunting task: to develop a marketing plan for the Adopt-a-Book program. She is taking a comprehensive look at all components for the plan, including researching, advertising, and putting together texts for the web and for promotional materials. Her primary goals are to increase the number of book adopters and donors for the program, and to actively promote Adopt-a-Book so that word gets out about the program. Says Sara, “I’ve enjoyed learning as I go for this internship, really getting an opportunity to apply what I’ve learned at college to the working world. I appreciate being given full reign on this project, which is a unique opportunity.”

Hailing from Vienna, Va., Sara has many fond memories visiting the Smithsonian museums as a child. A history enthusiast, the National Museum of Natural History is by far her favorite, with the Hope Diamond and the iconic elephant in the museum’s rotunda as highlights. She is a lifelong dancer with a specialty in jazz and contemporary styles. Sara enjoys relaxing at the Georgetown waterfront and swears by the clam chowder at the region’s Legal Seafoods restaurants. As far as future career goals, Sara hopes to someday either be a marketing firm executive or be married to Prince Harry—whichever comes first.

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