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Perfect for Mr. Ed

Looking for creative ways to reduce your electricity consumption? If you are a horse owner, look no further than the Chicago Bicycle Clipper!

Turn in those electric clippers for something more eco-friendly from the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company. In this 1904 catalog located in the National Museum of American History Library's trade literature collection, the Chicago Bicycle Clipper machine is featured alongside other powered animal grooming machinery.

Any bicycle can power the Chicago Bicycle Clipper machine. Simply prop the bicycle wheels off the ground and place the "fibre friction roll" against the rear tire. With no loud noise produced by either machine, this easy-to-use horse grooming item is perfect for those equines who dislike the buzzing and strong vibrations from an electric clipper. Get the advantages of hand-clipping with the speed of electric clipping!

Wondering how to groom your horse and power your clippers at the same time? While possible to do alone, that action is not suggested. Two people are required for the operation of the Chicago Bicycle Clipper machine. Instead, the catalog suggests to enlist children with their bikes, who "will furnish the motive power for clipping a horse for a trifling consideration, a matter of 10c at the most." However, anyone with a bicycle can assist.

Mary Jinglewski

Chicago Flexible Shaft Co., Chicago Horse Clipping Machines, circa 1904.

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