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Fireproof Walls

National Fire Proofing Company Fireproof Houses of Natco Hollow Tile and How to Build Them, 1910

Beat this summer's brutal heat and fireproof your home by building it out of Natco Hollow Tile! These terra cotta bricks are specially designed using the best clay and firing techniques, which ensures that your structure is fireproof. In addition, the large amount of air kept within the hollow tile insulates the building and means more savings in heating and cooling costs.

In this 1910 National Fire Proofing Company catalog from the National Museum of American History Library's trade literature collection, dozens of photos show the wide application of Natco Hollow Tile to buildings ranging from bungalows to mansions to bottling plants. In addition, illustrations of various construction details also appear, which would appeal to any do-it-yourself enthusiast. However, the Natco Hollow Tile are only used to create walls and require additional materials such as bricks or stucco to create a pleasant facade. One description reads, "The walls are waterproofed both inside and out, and are finished with cream white asbestos stucco."

We suggest that you stick with a safer stucco type for your future house built with Natco Hollow Tile.

Mary Jinglewski

Image: National Fire Proofing Company, Fireproof Houses of Natco Hollow Tile and How to Build Them, 1910


  1. Interesting post. It reminds me of how doctors used to recommend smoking, completely unaware of it’s devastating impact on the lungs. Scary stuff. Thank god for scientific research!

  2. Derrick D.

    Unlike smoking, the technique and materials didn’t have any adverse affects. The terra cotta bricks do help add a substantial r-value to a home built with them.

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