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Interview: Dr. Alan Cheetham

Courtney Shaw, Senior Reference Librarian for the Vertebrate Zoology LibrariesDr. Alan & Marjorie CheethamOver the long weekend of August 12th to 15th Courtney Shaw, Senior Reference Librarian for the Vertebrate Zoology Libraries (top), went to Sante Fe, NM.

The purpose of this quick visit (burdened with all kinds of AV equipment) was to interview Dr. Alan Cheetham for the 100th Anniversary of the National Museum of Natural History.

Pam Henson and Heather Ewing of the Smithsonian Institution Archives requested nominations of whom to interview (for their importance in ascertaining the history of the history and their subject), and Smithsonian staff volunteered to do the interviews. The interviews will all be online by year's end as part of the Centenary celebrations—some already are.

Dr. Cheetham and his wife Marjorie (left) have been retired and living in the Sante Fe area since 2002. He worked heavily in the past with Joann Sanner of the Smithsonian Paleology Department on Bryozoa, small aquatic animals that reproduce by budding and form moss-like or branching colonies permanently attached to stones or seaweed. When fossilized, these animals have proven important in establishing geologic timelines.

—Courtney Shaw

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