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Happy Labor Day!

Jaeger, Charles J.,Co., Fun-Ful Playground Equipment Line, 1925, Ball-Bearing Merry-Go-Round (top), Improved Ocean Wave No. 201 (bottom). More images from this catalog are also available.

Happy Labor Day!

Time to relax and take it easy. Maybe take a stroll to the park or playground.

One last turn on the merry-go-round? This model comes in two sizes and ships at only 1200 lbs (or 400lbs in the smaller size.) Why don't we see more roundabouts these days? They are sturdy and constructed from concrete and steel . . . But actually, there is a contemporary version of a roundabout that is not just for play but could also supply communities with much needed water:

An innovator found by the BBC has connected the roundabout to a pump, so that water is raised while the children play. This device is known as the Roundabout PlayPump. There are about 600 PlayPumps in South Africa, providing clean drinking water to about one million impoverished people.Wikipedia

Or if the merry-go-round is not to your taste, maybe take a spin on the Improved Ocean Wave? It requires oiling only once a season . . .

All these images and many more can be viewed in the Libraries extensive collection of trade literature, found in the National Museum of American History Library. You can browse images of all sorts of interesting products from days gone by.

Whatever your official last day of summer brings, make it fun!

Elizabeth Periale

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  1. Kevin Medina

    Hello I’m rebuilding my elementary school witches hat merry go round in having trouble figuring out the tip best set up. If you could please help I would appreciate it

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