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Hopefully Baby Got Out of This For A few Minutes . . .

It's Baby Safety Month, and parents of every era have wanted furniture and gadgets that are safe for their children to use and enjoy.

The Libraries' trade literature collection in its National Museum of American History Library features the catalog, Famous Taylor-Tot and Other Taylor Juvenile Products, from Frank F. Taylor Co., Inc., c. 1924. The featured item at left is the Infanseat, apparently a big seller, as it is a combination "high chair, toilet seat, auto seat and baby swing."

Taylor tots had lots more than just the Infanseat to amuse them, including go-carts, walkers, and even strollers for their dolls or stuffed animals.

All of these items sound very useful and some even fun. I just hope that Baby got a chance to get out of the Infanseat and roam free to stretch its little legs from time to time.

Elizabeth Periale

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