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Fly Me to the Moon

Leopoldo Galluzzo Altre scoverte fatte nella luna dal Sigr. Herschel, 1836, Diligenza per la Luna.

British scientist Henry Cavendish discovered hydrogen on this date circa 1766. I wonder what Cavendish would have thought of the Leopoldo Galluzzo's interpretations ofastronomer and scientist William Herschel's theories?

From Altre scoverte fatte nella luna dal Sigr. Herschel:

This portfolio of hand-tinted lithographs purports to illustrate the "discovery of life on the moon." In 1836, Richard E. Locke, writing for the New York Sun, claimed that the noted British astronomer Sir William Herschel had discovered life on the moon. Flora and fauna included bat-men, moon maidens (with luna-moth wings), moon bison, and other extravagant life forms. Locke proposed an expedition to the moon using a ship supported by hydrogen balloons.

More fantastical images can be enjoyed, including flying moon men!

Elizabeth Periale

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