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Squirrels Love Nuts

Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber, Die Saugthiere in Abbildungen nach der Natur mit Beschreibungen, Sciurus Langsdorffii Brandt.

Today is National Nut Day, and who is one of the bigger fans of nuts but the squirrel? The Libraries' Galaxy of Images has many squirrel plates in its collections, both with and without their favorite food.

The little fellow at left has been lucky enough to find some food, as are most of the mammals depicted, but a few of these squirrels were not as fortunate. Especially poignant-looking is this grounded flying squirrel. He needs to take to the air, like his black, gray, and brown companions. Up to the trees, where the nuts are.

Elizabeth Periale


  1. paul

    National Nut Day? I have not heard of it. but the picture is wonderful.

  2. Nothing but gray squirrels here in the northeast.

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