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National Digital Stewardship Alliance Meets December 15-16, 2010

I was privileged recently to represent the Smithsonian Institution at an organizational meeting of the new National Digital Stewardship Alliance, which is a follow-on group to the Library of Congress's NDIIP (National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program).

NDSA is envisioned as a collaborative effort among a diversity of organizations, including government, academic, educational, business and non-profit, who are collectively committed to finding the best ways of preserving digital information for the future. The forty or so people at this meeting reviewed drafts of the mission and values statements, membership criteria, principles and organizational structure with the help of consultant John Warren, who kept the group remarkably engaged and on task. Working Groups on Content, Standards and Practices, Infrastructure, Innovation and Outreach have been formed to carry on the work of the Alliance.

The Smithsonian is a new member and we are in a learning mode, but I hope to engage people across the Institution in this work for the benefit of people today and in the future.

—Nancy E. Gwinn

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