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The Latest in Winter Fashion

. . . for 1884-85!

The weather is definitely getting colder, so this seemed like a perfect time to feature a trade catalog illustrating winter fashion from the late nineteenth century. John E. Kaughran & Co.'s Illustrated Catalogue, Fall and Winter, 1884-85 has several pages showing ladies' cloaks, coats, and jackets.

Ladies shopping for the 1884-85 winter season had a variety of styles to choose from—Dolman, Newmarket, Sacque, Ulster, and others. This page from the catalog illustrates several of these styles…

The sealskin plush cloak, shown on the top left, was made from silk or mohair plush and lined with quilted silk or satin. It ranged in price from $22 to $40. Another style, a long Newmarket coat, is illustrated on the bottom center of the page. This particular Newmarket was available in brown, green, and black and cost $10. A mohair plush Sacque is shown on the top right. It was lined with satin and priced at $23.50.

Other styles illustrated on this page are Dolman garments. Advertised as "an elegant garment for Fall and Winter wear" and priced at $10, the Dolman on the bottom right was trimmed with plush on the sleeves and bottom, had a large plush collar, and ornaments on the back.

This catalog is located in the Trade Literature Collection at the National Museum of American History Library. For more images of winter fashion from this catalog, take a look at the Galaxy of Images.

—Alexia MacClain

Image: John E. Kaughran & Co., New York, NY.  John E. Kaughran & Co.'s Illustrated Catalogue, Fall and Winter, 1884-85, 1884, page 7, Women's cloaks and jackets.

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