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William Dampier, A continuation of A voyage to New-Holland, &c. in the year 1699, 1709.

The full title for this book is:

A continuation of A voyage to New-Holland, &c. in the year 1699 : wherein are described, the islands Timor, Rotee and Anabao, a passage between the islands Timor and Anabao, Copang and Laphao bays, the islands Omba, Fetter, Bande and Bird, a description of the coast of New-Guinea, the islands Pulo Sabuda, Cockle, King William's, Providence, Garret Dennis, Ant. Cave's and St. John's, also a new passage between N. Guinea and Nova Britannia, the islands Ceram, Bonao, Bouro, and several islands before unknown, the coast of Java, and Streights of Sunda, author's arrival at Batavia, Cape of Good Hope, St. Helens, I. Ascension, &c. : their inhabitants, customs, trade, &c. harbours, soil, birds, fish, &c. trees, plants, fruits, &c : illustrated with maps and draughts, also divers birds, fishes, &c. not found in this part of the world, ingraven on eighteen copper-plates, by Captain William Dampier

Like its book, this plate is trying to cram it all in—fish, bat, bird. This and many other plates give the reader a glimpse into the exotic nature of wildlife in New Guinea, New Holland (now known as Australia), etc.

William Dampier was an explorer and amateur scientist and a bit of a pirate. According to Wikipedia, his expededitions' findings may have influenced men as diverse as Charles Darwin, James Cook Daniel Defoe, and Horatio Nelson. "He is cited over a thousand times in the Oxford English Dictionary notably on words such as 'barbecue', 'avocado', 'chopsticks' and 'sub-species'. That is not to say he coined the words, but his use of them in his writings is the first known example in English."

Elizabeth Periale

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