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Month: January 2011

When’s the Last Time You Measured Your Feet?

Popular wisdom says that girls feet stop growing around the age of 14 or so and boys a year or so later. But we all know that the shoes we wore in high school probably wouldn’t fit us today, as other factors such as weight gain, preganancy and a later growth spurt can affect the size and growth of feet. When’s the last time you actually had someone measure your feet before trying on a new pair of shoes? Maybe today’s the day.

Poor Kitty Popcorn, or The Soldier’s Pet

The life of a soldier can be lonely, alternating tedium with terror, and the affection of a pet can offer much solace and amusement, creating a bond that can continue long after deployment is over (for instance, there have been recent stories in the news about some U.S. Marines who have adopted pet cats in Afghanistan, detailing their efforts to bring these beloved animals back home with them). The notion of a pet cat accustomed to riding along perched on a soldier’s knapsack hardly seems so fanciful.