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NMNH Library Grand (Re)Opening

Four years after the initial design process began, the National Museum of Natural History Library showed off its new home to over 170 guests. Folks poured in to see the new space and attend the ribbon cutting ceremony. Dr. Wayne Clough, Dr. Eva Pell, Dr. Scott Miller, Dr. Cristian Samper, Dr. Nancy Gwinn and Ann Juneau aimed their scissors at the special red ribbon and simultaneously snipped. Drs. Clough, Samper, and Gwinn presented meaningful thoughts about the historically intrinsic value of the library at the Smithsonian. The three blended the relevance of the past with that of the present and future. Nancy also acknowledged the hard work by multiple library staff and staff of the Institution that brought the project to full fruition. The totality of the delightful food, libations, masterful set up and service by the caterers made the affair jubilant especially to those closely associated with the design, construction and move of the library to the space.

Cutting the ribbon, L-R: Under Secretary for Collections and Interdisciplinary SupportScott Miller, Undersecretary for Science Eva Pell, Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough, National History Museum Director Cristian samper, National Museum of Natural History Librarian Anee Juneau, Smithsonian Libraries Director Nancy E. Gwinn.

To characterize some of features the new library has to offer, a wide-screen digital signage board displayed relevant Twitter feeds, a live National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) webcam shot, NMNH-oriented announcements, and 2 videos promoting Libraries' services. The new LCD screens and whiteboards in the Training and Conference rooms displayed images from the Libraries' Digital Library, a hosted overview of the Biodiversity Heritage Library, and a Bluray DVD from the NMNH Sant Ocean Hall project. One writeboard was set up for guests to experiment with and sign a digital guest book. To bring to the fore the value of the all important content from which the Libraries' Digital Library images were formed, Leslie Overstreet graced the set up with several Cullman Library rare books opened to images that guests could admire and compare with their sister digital equivalents on the screens in front of them.

Ann Juneau

Stack of books cake

Guests enjoy the new spacious library

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