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The Next Best Thing to Being There …

In case you missed the event, here is a video of remarks made at the grand re-opening of the National Museum of Natural History's new main library.

Featured are Nancy E. Gwinn, Director, Smithsonian Institution Libraries, Wayne Clough, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, and Cristián Samper, Director, National Museum of Natural History.

The video was shot by Smithsonian Libraries staff members Joel Richard (thanks, Joel!), with titles and transitions added by Gil Taylor.

—Gil Taylor

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  1. Stefanie

    I really enjoyed viewing the video and hearing how the Smithsonian libraries are so devoted in providing their resources to thier viewers. For example this new library has implemented a way in which users can access information for free via their computers. for example the Encyclopedia of Life, which contains about 35 million pages, is now accessible for anyone to use (free) via online. I hope more libraries will be able to follow suit and aim to make their resources more accessible for their users.

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