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New and Notable—National Museum of American History Library

Here are some of the newest additions to the National Museum of American History Library.

Revere Midnight ride, industrial dawn: Paul Revere and the growth of American enterpriseRobert Martello. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.

1. Artisan, silversmith, and businessman (1754-1775) — 2. Patriot, soldier, and handyman of the Revolution (1775-1783) — 3. Mercantile ambitions and a new look at silver (1783-1789) — 4. To run a "furnass": the iron years (1788-1792) — 5. Bells, cannon, and malleable copper (1792-1801) — 6. Paul Revere's last ride: the road to rolling copper (1798-1801) — 7. The onset of industrial capitalism: managerial and labor adaptations (1802-1811) — 8. Becoming industrial: technological innovations and environmental implications (1802-1811).

Revere, Paul, 1735-1818.

Silversmiths — United States — History.

Metal-work — United States — History.

Industrial revolution — United States.

Industries — United States — History.

HD8039.S5262 U665 2010

Synagogue The synagogue in America: a short history. Marc Lee Raphael.

New York University Press, c2011.


Synagogues — United States — History.

Judaism — United States — History.

Jews — United States — History.

Jews — United States — Social life and customs.

BM205 .R372 2011

Hispanidad What is la hispanidad?: a conversationIlan Stavans and Iván Jaksić.

University of Texas Press, 2011.


Civilization, Hispanic.


CB226 .W43 2011

Fragging Fragging: why U.S. soldiers assaulted their officers in VietnamGeorge Lepre.

Texas Tech University Press, c2011.


"Examines the over 500 instances of 'fragging'–the use of fragmentation hand grenades by enlisted men to murder their own officers–that occurred during the Vietnam War. Uses archival evidence and veterans' testimonies to offer the issue's first comprehensive treatment"–Provided by publisher.

United States. Army — Officers — Violence against — History — 20th century.

Vietnam War, 1961-1975 — Psychological aspects.

Psychology, Military.

Vietnam War, 1961-1975 — Casualties.

DS559.8.P7 L47 2011

HisPres Historic preservation: an introduction to its history, principles, and practice. Norman Tyler, Ted J. Ligibel, Ilene R. Tyler.

W.W. Norton & Co., c2009.

Table of contents


Historic preservation — United States.

Historic sites — Conservation and restoration — United States.

Historic buildings — Conservation and restoration — United States.

Architecture — Conservation and restoration — United States.

E159 .T95 2009

Philbrick Away off shore: Nantucket Island and its people, 1602-1890Nathaniel Philbrick.

Penguin Books; Published in association with Mill Hill Press, 2011.


Map of the town of Nantucket, 1858 — Rev. F.C. Ewer's map of Nantucket, 1869 — An island and its altar — Native origins : Maushop, Roqua, Wonoma, and Autopscot — Thomas Macy's great escape — Tristram Coffin, country squire — "An island full of Indians" : King Philip, John Gibbs, and Peter Folger — Gardner versus Coffin : the revolt — The whaling legacy of Ichabod Paddock — Mary Starbuck, high priestess of the company store — Richard Macy, the master builder — Of God, Indians, and getting by : the hireling, Timothy White — Peleg Folger, the poet whaleman — Kezia Coffin's revolutionary rise and fall — The "removals" : from Jethro Coffin to William Rotch — A "nest of love" no longer : William Coffin and the bank, commons, and school wars — The golden boy and the dark man : Obed Starbuck and George Pollard — Absalom Boston and Abram Quary : "of color" on the Grey Lady — Maria Mitchell, the provincial cosmopolitan — F.C. Sanford, the mythmaker — Epilogue.


Nantucket Island (Mass.) — History.

Nantucket Island (Mass.) — Biography.

F72.N2 P47 2011

Menswear American menswear: from the Civil War to the twenty-first centuryDaniel Delis Hill.

Texas Tech University Press, ©2011.


"A chronology of men's fashion and masculine style in the United States from the Civil War era through the beginning of the twenty-first century. Also demonstrates the democratization of men's fashion by mass production, distribution, and marketing. Includes illustrations"–Provided by publisher.


Men's clothing — United States — History.

Clothing and dress — Social aspects — United States — History.



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