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New Acquisitions in the National Air and Space Museum Library

July, the month of hot, humid days and patriotic holidays.  July is also the seventh month of the year.  Coincidentally, the National Air and Space Museum Library has seven new titles to share with you.

The Age of Airpower by Martin van Creveld.  PublicAffairs, New York, New York, 2011.  UG630. V285 2011

Ballooning: A History, 1782-1900 by S.L. Kotar and J.E. Gessler.  McFarland, Jefferson, North Carolina, 2011.  TL616. K68 2011

Globalizing Polar Science: Reconsidering the International Polar Year and Geophysical Years edited by Roger D. Launius, James Roger Fleming and David H. DeVorkin.  Palgrave Macmillan, New York, New York, 2010.  Q180. A3 G56 2010

Martian Summer: Robot Arms, Cowboy Spacemen and My 90 Days with the Phoenix Mars Mission by Andrew Kessler.  Pegasus Books, New York, New York, 2011.  QB641. K34 2011


Revolutionary Atmosphere: The Story of the Altitude Wind Tunnel and the Space Power Chambers by Robert S. Arrighi.    NASA History Division, Office of External Relations, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC, 2010. TL567. W5 A77 2010


The Saturn V F-1 Engine: Powering Apollo into History  (Springer/Praxis Books/Space Exploration)by Anthony H. Young.  Springer, New York, New York/Chichester, England, 2009.  TL781.5 S3 Y686 2009



Women in the Early British and Irish Astronomy: Stars and Satellites by Mary Bruck.  Springer, New York, New York, Dordrecht, Netherlands, 2009.  QB34.5 B783 2009


—Leah Smith

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