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National Ice Cream Month, c. 1907

July is National Ice Cream Month and the Libraries wants you to break out your ice cream maker and try out some recipes … from 1907.

Smithsonian Libraries Trade Literature

Recipes from the The Horizontal Freezer Co.'s ce Cream and Candy makers' Factory Guide include pineapple ice cream, pistachio ice cream with spinach coloring, and peach ice cream.

The Ice Cream and Candy Makers’ Factory Guide is located in the Trade Literature Collection at the National Museum of American History Library. For previous posts about this guide, take a look at one on candy recipes and another one on ice cream recipes.


Elizabeth Periale


  1. These recipes are very interesting. I’m going to make up some of these recipes with my kids. And we can all taste ice cream how it was made around the start of the last century. This will hopefully get them interested in history and encourage them to learn (whilst having a treat!). Thanks for this.

  2. Joan Crim

    Thanks so much for the post. Really Cool.

  3. Donavan Stahlman

    Really enjoyed this blog article. Really Great.

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