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The Warren M. Robbins African Art Library: 40th Anniversary

Please join us in celebrating the Warren M. Robbins African Art Library's 40th year! The Robbins library shares resources in African art, history, and culture with scholars, teachers and students across the globe.




Warren M. Robbins’ vision of the Library was for it to become a scholarly resource center for African art and culture, “second to none in the world.” He established the Library in 1971 at the Museum of African Art on Capitol Hill with just a few hundred books. Today with 40,000 volumes, the Library has transformed into the world’s premier library for the study of African visual arts, history, and culture.




 In 2006, the Library celebrated its 35th Anniversary by establishing The Warren M. Robbins African Art Library Endowment to build print and digital collections. Through the generosity of our supporters, this endowment has grown to almost $140,000. It is now able to address some of the needs of libraries in Africa by distributing important publications on African art, and we are actively digitizing books on Africa, which are freely available through the Internet Archive. We have also created the Archive of African Artists, representing 3,700 African artists and growing.

 Your support is essential to the continued success of the Warren M. Robbins African Art Library! Please consider helping us build our collections and reach more users. 


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  1. Greetings Liz,

    I am visiting the Smithsonian Museums, and the Warren M. Robbins Library has been a priceless resource for creative research. I enjoyed reading yor article.

    Najjar Abdul-Musawwir
    Associate Professor of Fine Arts
    Southern Illinois University

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