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More cheers for our volunteers!

HMSG volunteer Elena Grant


Why limit our appreciation for our volunteers to just one month? Here are a few more of our stellar volunteers that help keep the Smithsonian Libraries running!

Elena Grant is a valuable contributor to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Library (HMSG). She speaks Russian and has initiated a friendship and publications exchange with World Band and Inter-American Development Bank. She has written blogs for the library, assisted with searching the Latin American titles for a grant application and listing those Gift in Hand  books not in Worldcat. We value her friendship and contributions. (Submitted by Anna Brooke.)


pat mccarty
HMSG volunteer Pat McCarty

Pat McCarty commutes from Brooklyn to Baltimore, and volunteers in the HMSG library when the community garden and his co-op duties do not interfere with his interest in books and art. He has been a major help in shifting the collection and integrating the overflow into the new shelves made free by transfers to Smithsonian Libraries Research Annex. He calculated how much space should be left at the end of each shelf and we hope this large shift will make finding books here more efficient. He is willing to learn library technician duties that provide service at the front desk in the library. (Submitted by Anna Brooke.)

HMSG volunteer Shawon Sarkar

Shawon Sarkar is another wonderful volunteer in the HMSG library. She is in Washington temporarily with her husband; she is from Calcutta. She has joined Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS)  and the local chapter and worked as a volunteer at their recent conference. She has an M.A. in English Literature and interested in taking classes in Library Science. While working as a volunteer, she has learned circulation, ILL, searching, shelving, while filling in for our library technician vacancy.  She enjoys looking at the art books and likes library work. (Submitted by Anna Brooke.)

Ana Bradley has been a volunteer in the Discovery Services unit of Smithsonian Libraries since March, 2011. Since the beginning of 2014, she has created the shelf labels and attached the  labels to 2400 new books, microfilm and journals.  A truly amazing number!
After labeling these new materials, she shelves them so they can be boxed up and delivered to the branches.  She also opens the mail and delivers it to the appropriate staff member, especially the print journals and periodicals. (Submitted by Harriet Gray.)

anna and ginny
Discovery Services volunteers Ginny Colton-Bradley and Ana Bradley

Ginny Colton-Bradley helps Ana, but also contributes to the editing and citation matching of legacy materials for   Smithsonian Research  Online (SRO) in the Digital Services unit of the Libraries. Ana and Ginny perform important tasks to help the Smithsonian Libraries bring our resources to our users as efficiently as possible. Thank you, Ana and Ginny!! (Submitted by Harriet Gray.)

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