School Furniture of the Past

The Trade Literature Collection at the National Museum of American History Library includes a number of school related trade catalogs. This catalog by J. L. Hammett entitled Illustrated Catalogue of School Merchandise 1872-1873 w/1874 cover and price list of school furniture includes desks and chairs for students and teachers. Some of the desk styles have a chair attached to a desk while others have a separate desk and chair.

Summertime at the Lake

Each month this summer, we have featured a vacation or travel related item. Previous posts featured items about express steamers and a hotel on the beach. This month, we are featuring a 1906 booklet about a lake resort.

A Beach Vacation

Each month this summer, we are featuring a travel or vacation related item. In June, we featured an 1895 catalog about the Hamburg-American Line express steamers. This month, we are featuring a circa 1896 brochure about a hotel called The Beach House.

Traveling by Express Steamer

Summer is here and that means time for summer vacations. So we thought this would be a great time to feature a travel-related item located in the Libraries’ Trade Literature Collection.

Works of Art by a Master Luthier

The National Museum of American History Library recently acquired a four volume set entitled Antonius Stradivarius edited by Jost Thone & Jan Rohrmann with text by Alessandra Barabaschi, et al. A few of the instruments depicted in this work can be found on display at the museum. This book provides background on these Stradivarius instruments.

Lots of Hats

What do you think of when you hear the words, Kentucky Derby? Hats, maybe? Because the Kentucky Derby is this weekend and since hats are associated with it, we decided to feature a trade catalog focusing on hats.

Uniforms that are “the stuff”

“We are perfectly satisfied with them. Aside from being a perfect fit and first class in every respect, you have given us a better suit than you advertised. The light straw-colored sleeve trimmings and skirt trimmings look perfectly splendid … The boys think they are “the stuff” …

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