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Summertime at the Lake

Each month this summer, we have featured a vacation or travel related item. Previous posts featured items about express steamers and a hotel on the beach. This month, we are featuring a 1906 booklet about a lake resort.

Minnewaska Mountain Houses, Minnewaska, NY. Minnewaska Mountain Houses
Season of 1906
, 1906, Wildmere House and Cliff House.

Minnewaska Mountain Houses Season of 1906 advertises two hotels located near Lake Minnewaska in Minnewaska, New York. The Cliff House, located on the east side of the lake, was the smaller of the two and accommodated about 225 guests. After opening in 1879, it was enlarged in 1881. The other hotel, The Wildmere House, which opened in 1887, was located on the northern side of the lake. Rates were based on the type of room and time of season.

The main attraction for guests was Lake Minnewaska. Besides bathing and boating on the lake, other activities included tennis, ball playing, bowling, and shuffleboard. Both hotels also had reading rooms with current reading material. Vacationers could explore a number of nearby walks and drives to see beautiful scenery, including waterfalls. Or for those who chose to relax inside, there were views of the nearby mountains from the windows of both hotels.

Minnewaska Mountain Houses Season of 1906 is located in the Trade Literature Collection at the National Museum of American History Library. The collection also includes other booklets about the Minnewaska Mountain Houses from several different years.  Take a look at the Galaxy of Images for more on this 1906 booklet.

—Alexia MacClain


  1. All i can say is that you are lucky to spend summer by a lake that has stood more than a century with intact hotels and lovely atmosphere!

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