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Tag: Holidays and Special Days

A Christmas Carol Imagined by Arion Press and Ida Applebroog

Image of a book with an illustration of dancers and slipcase
The book, with an illustration by Ida Applebroog, and the slipcase. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Artwork by Ida Applebroog. San Francisco: Arion Press, 1993. Gift of Ronnyjane Goldsmith.

It is nearly impossible to go through a holiday season and not view some rendition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, whether it be in writing, on the stage, or on your television. There have been countless interpretations, each with their own altercations. However, the core message of generosity, empathy, and repentance often remains the same, no matter the method A Christmas Carol is produced.

Honoring Our Veterans

This post was written by Chris Cottrill, head of the National Air and Space Museum Library.

November 11, 2013.  Today is Veteran’s Day and a federal holiday.

For some of us that can mean a chance to sleep-in, run some errands, or have an extended weekend away.  But it’s also the one day we should recall those we know or knew that put on the uniform (enlisted or draftee) and served their country during times of peace or conflict. The Smithsonian Libraries would like to thank those staff members who put on the uniform and served.