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Honoring Our Veterans

This post was written by Chris Cottrill, head of the National Air and Space Museum Library.

November 11, 2013.  Today is Veteran’s Day and a federal holiday.

For some of us that can mean a chance to sleep-in, run some errands, or have an extended weekend away.  But it’s also the one day we should recall those we know or knew that put on the uniform (enlisted or draftee) and served their country during times of peace or conflict. The Smithsonian Libraries would like to thank those staff members who put on the uniform and served.

They are:

Baasil Wilder (Anacostia/National Postal Museum Library) – U.S. Army

Michael Hardy (Smithsonian Libraries Research Annex) – U.S. Navy

Lowell Ashley (Discovery Services) – U. S. Army

David Bartlett (Administrative Services) – U.S. Navy

John Dick (Discovery Services) – U.S. Army

armed forces


Here are some titles in the Smithsonian Libraries on U.S. Veterans and their lives and contributions to American history.

Revolutionary War

Suffering Soldiers: Revolutionary War veterans, moral sentiment, and political culture in the early republic / / John Resch

Civil War

The Civil War Veteran: A historical reader / / edited by Larry M. Logue and Michael Barton

World War I

The Bonus Army: An American epic / / Paul Dickson and Thomas B. Allen

World War II

Back home / / Bill Mauldin

For Comrade and Country: Oral histories of World War II veterans / / edited by Robert G. Thobaben

Soldiers to Citizens: The G.I. bill and the making of the greatest generation / / Suzanne Mettler

Vic the Vet / / Gabe Josephson.

When Johnny comes marching home, / / Dixon Wecter


In the shadow of the cloud: America’s atomic vets / / Jim Lerager

In the shadow of the greatest generation: The Americans who fought the Korean War / / Melinda L. Pash


A different battle: stories of Asian Pacific American Veterans / / edited by Carina A. del Rosario

Soul Soldiers: African Americans and the Vietnam era / / edited by Samuel W. Black

The Vietnam War in American memory: Veterans, memorials, and the politics of healing / / Patrick Hagopian

Vietnam Veteranos: Chicanos recall the war / / Lea Ybarra

Iraq / Afghanistan

Through Veteran’s Eyes: the Iraq and Afghanistan experience / / Larry Minear


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  1. Baasil Wilder

    Thank you for honoring our veterans!

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