Happy 45th Birthday, Warren M. Robbins Library!

The Warren M. Robbins Library at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. From a collection of a few hundred books in Mr. Robbins’ personal collection in 1971, the Library has grown to a remarkable 50,000 volumes. It enjoys the reputation of being the premier library in the United States for the research and study of the visual arts of Africa. Our collection of 5,000 African more »

What is an artist’s book?

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some are to be chewed and digested.”  ~Francis Bacon, Essays (1625) Bacon’s Essays By Francis Bacon, Richard Whately.     We have talked about artists’ books on the Smithsonian Libraries blog before. And we’ll talk about them more, as a part of a short series to highlight interesting works of book art owned by the Smithsonian’s American Art & Portrait Gallery Library. But what, exactly, is an artist’s book? You may not be able to tell just from looking at the object itself!

Increased Access for History, Art, and Culture Digitizations — New URLS!

If you’ve seen any of the 1,000+ physical copies of the books scanned through the History, Art, and Culture (HAC) Digitization Project, maybe you noticed a sticker just below the barcode that reads ”ONLINE.”

The Practice of Book Conservation at the Libraries

Over the course of five weeks, I worked with the Preservation Services Department, where I had the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of preservation and conservation techniques.

Social Media at the Libraries

On Tuesday several Libraries staff met to discuss use of social media with the aim to discuss why and how we were currently using social media, what our goals were, and how we could best meet those goals.

A Surprising Discovery

The AA/PG Library staff is proud to have such treasures in our collection. Even so, it clearly remains to be seen how many other treasures are hiding in the stacks quietly waiting to be discovered.

The Libraries Welcomes Intern Betsy Hagerty

The Libraries is pleased to host Margaret “Betsy” Hagerty in an internship that will extend from January through the summer

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