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Increased Access for History, Art, and Culture Digitizations — New URLS!

Online If you’ve seen any of the 1,000+ physical copies of the books scanned through the History, Art, and Culture (HAC) Digitization Project, maybe you noticed a sticker just below the barcode that reads ”ONLINE.”

We do that for the same reasons the Biodiversity Heritage Library puts stickers that read “BHL” on the thousands of items the Libraries has digitized for that collection: to alert staff that the book is available online, thereby increasing access while decreasing the wear and tear on the physical item.

We are now pleased to announce the presence of URLS in SIRIS with direct links to Digitized HAC volumes. The methodology varies slightly between monographs and multi-volume titles, but the end result is the same, links that take you directly to the digitized version of the item without a trip to the stacks.

Erin Thomas


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