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Tag: National Air & Space Museum library

Dispatches from the Ramsey Room: Notes from a Rocket Man

The Robert H. Goddard Papers and the Smithsonian

Over a decade before Wernher von Braun and his colleagues jumpstarted the space age with the V-2 (or A-4) rocket, Robert H. Goddard was conducting experiments in the New Mexican desert on rockets powered by liquid fuel. After years of testing, the financially-strapped professor from Princeton appealed to the Smithsonian Institution for support to continue his experiments.

Perfume and the Pilot

Page from The Little Prince

Doesn’t everyone have a female friend of the family that they call aunt, but she really isn’t a blood relation?  I had one.  Aunt Honey.  Honey was single, educated and well-traveled, and when I was a kid I thought she was so sophisticated and cool.  She had been absolutely everywhere and she always smelled heavenly.  I never knew what perfume she wore until after she passed away-it was Vol de Nuit Guerlain.