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Month: May 2012

Perfume and the Pilot

Page from The Little Prince

Doesn’t everyone have a female friend of the family that they call aunt, but she really isn’t a blood relation?  I had one.  Aunt Honey.  Honey was single, educated and well-traveled, and when I was a kid I thought she was so sophisticated and cool.  She had been absolutely everywhere and she always smelled heavenly.  I never knew what perfume she wore until after she passed away-it was Vol de Nuit Guerlain.

Smithson’s Cookbook: English Curry

The origin of curry, the saucy, spiced dish celebrated in India and Great Britain, is not exactly known.   But it is now thought that similarly spiced dishes were developed concurrently, but independent of each other, in England and in India thanks to the spice routes that spanned from Asia and into Europe.   Exotic spices like turmeric and pepper made their way into England during the conquests of the Romans in 40 AD and the Moors in 711 AD, and came in handy during Middle Ages when highly seasoned meats could make aging meat more palatable.