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British Beetles

British beetles. Transferred from Curtis's British entomology. With descriptions by E.W. Janson. (1863) Contributed by the Smithsonian Institution

Here is a wonderful image from a volume that was previously highlighted on the Biodiversity Heritage Library blog by Erin Jean Thomas.

The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL), the digitization component of the Encyclopedia of Life, is a consortium of 12 major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions organized to digitize, serve, and preserve the legacy literature of biodiversity. 

Prior to digitization, the resources housed within each BHL institution have existed in isolation, available only to those with physical access to the collections. These collections are of exceptional value because the domain of systematic biology depends–more than any other science–upon historic literature. 

Consequently, the relative isolation of these collections presented an antiquated obstacle to further biodiversity investigation. This problem is particularly acute for the developing countries that are home to the majority of the world’s biodiversity.


  1. I’m amazed at these beetles, however as a poultry farmer they cause untold grief for my flock. I’m actually looking for ways to keep my flock safe and out of my chicken coop without harming them.

  2. Well, let me tell you this. I now live in the UK and have seen these beetles in my glasgow bathroom They are so ugly, but cool in a kinda creepy way…

  3. peluang usaha ahasu gnaulep

    its really British beetles?

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