A Winter Resort from the Past

by Alexia MacClain

Each month this winter, we have featured a winter vacation related item.  Previous posts featured brochures about The Court Inn and Hampton Terrace.  Continuing with this theme, we are featuring a third brochure about a winter resort, a Laurel House of Lakewood Brochure.


Laurel House of Lakewood, Lakewood, NJ.  Brochure, ca. 1900, Laurel House of Lakewood.


Laurel House was located in Lakewood, New Jersey and was open from October until June making it a fall, winter, and spring resort.  Along with Laurel-in-the-Pines at Lakewood and the Waumbek and Cottages at Jefferson in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Laurel House at Lakewood was part of the Lakewood and Jefferson Resort System.

Situated in an area with a mild winter climate, the resort offered its guests outdoor recreational activities throughout the winter.  This included golfing, cycling, boating, and cross-country hunts.  Lakewood had several private clubs for outdoor sports and the clubs allowed resort guests to use the facilities during their stay.

Nearby were two lakes, Lake Carasaljo and Lake Manetta, available for boating and depending on the weather, skating and ice-boating.  A walk around Lake Carasaljo was described in the brochure as "one of the most charming walks in the vicinity."  There were gravel walkways with bridges as well as places to stop and rest along the way.

Located in an area with many pine trees, there were roads for driving, riding, or cycling through the pine forest as well as walks for those who preferred to enjoy the scenery on foot.

This Laurel House of Lakewood Brochure is located in the Trade Literature Collection at the National Museum of American History Library.  Take a look at the Galaxy of Images to see more pages from this brochure.

-Alexia MacClain

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