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Toriyama Sekien’s Spooky Parade

This post was contributed by Matt Alt. Matt is the co-founder of AltJapan Co., Ltd., a Tokyo-based localization company that specializes in producing the English versions of Japanese games, manga, and other entertainment. Together with Hiroko Yoda he is the co-author of Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide, and the upcoming Japandemonium Illustrated: The Yokai Encyclopedias of Toriyama Sekien which features images from the Smithsonian Libraries volumes of Toriyma Sekien’s works

Aftermath of a Catastrophe: 3.11.2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami: an artist’s Soulful Heart

Cover of "Aftermath of a Catastrophe".
Cover of “Aftermath of a Catastrophe”.

This Art Book is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives on 3.11.2011—Kumiko Shindō.

According to the official record of the Japanese Government 15,883 people died, 6,145 injured, and 2,656 are missing in twenty prefectures affected by 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Freer | Sackler LibraryTravel Grant Program 2012

Stacks in the Freer Sackler Library

The Washington Art Library Resources Committee (WALRC) has awarded $5000 in funding to Freer | Sackler Library for a 2012 travel grant program. The purpose of the program is to provide short-term travel and lodging support for graduate students and scholars of East Asian art who need to use the library’s collection.

Five grants of $1000 each will be awarded on a competitive basis. These grants are meant for students and scholars residing outside the Washington metropolitan area.