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Tag: NMAH Library

A Plan Becomes a Home

Some of us may be familiar with mixed-use developments in urban areas, towns, or even suburban locations. A store might be on the first level with upper levels devoted to housing. These types of buildings have been around for quite some time. Let’s go back to 1913, via this trade catalog, to see options available to residents and business owners in the early 20th century.

Toys from 150 Years Ago

Scouring toy catalogs and selecting their favorites is a holiday tradition for some children. We took a look in our collections to see what children might have selected in 1868. As you might expect, toys from 1868 are quite different from 21st Century toys. This trade catalog gives us a glimpse into playtime for children in 1868. Even though at first glance these toys appear rather simple compared to those of today, they still have some basic similarities.