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The ABC’s of the Corcoran Artist Files: the B’s

Gerrit Beneker WWI Poster
Gerrit Beneker poster meant to drum up support amongst industrial workers during World War I

With the recent donation of the Corcoran Artist Vertical File Collection, the American Art and Portrait Gallery (AA/PG) Library has started an ongoing series that provides a sneak peek into the integration of new Corcoran materials into the AA/PG Art and Artists Files collection called the “ABCs of the Corcoran Artist Vertical File Collection”. Every couple of weeks the AA/PG Library will explore a letter of the alphabet, featuring artists whose surnames begin with that letter in a display in the library. Currently on show are the B’s of the Corcoran collection which contained a particularly colorful amount of new materials.

Potash: Not Just for Soap

James Boyd Davies. The practical naturalist's guide: containing instructions for collecting, preparing and preserving specimens in arsenic all departments of zoology, intended for the use of students, amateurs and travellers, more »