A Parisian Souvenir

Before summer ends, it might be nice to take a little mental holiday. How about a tour of Paris, circa 1898? And why not throw in a book of pretty pictures with a built-in mini-mystery?  

Panama in February

This post was written by Monique Politowski, Digital Library Technician. After yesterday’s look at sleds on the blog, today we take a trip to sunny Panama! “Snow, snow, snow, snow everywhere, piled up as high as the tops of street cars.” I think we can relate to the words of the late G. Frank Lydston M.D. from p.23 of his travel book, Panama and the Sierras: A Doctor’s Wander Days.  Written over more »

Traveling by Express Steamer

Summer is here and that means time for summer vacations. So we thought this would be a great time to feature a travel-related item located in the Libraries’ Trade Literature Collection.

Luggage From the Past

Ever wonder about luggage from over a hundred years ago? Included in the Trade Literature Collection at the National Museum of American History Library are luggage-related catalogs. One of these is the American Box & Trunk Factory Catalogue, a 1906 catalog by the American Box and Trunk Factory. Shown in the catalog are flat top trunks and barrel top trunks. Canvas covered trunks and metal covered trunks. Fancy trunks and simple trunks. Trunks for women and trunks for men. For each trunk shown, there is an image of it closed and open. Measurements and prices are also provided. The canvas covered Ladies’ Hat Box included a covered tray and five hat forms. It measured 26 inches and cost $10. The Slatless Gent’s Trunk which was advertised as “the finest and most compact trunk made for gentlemen” came in two sizes. The 34 inch trunk cost $30 and the 36 inch trunk cost $32. It was covered in heavy fibre and had brass trimmings. Inside there was a tray to store more »

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