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Something about Mary…

DSC_0066 Mary Jinglewski from Cottey College joined the Libraries for a six-week internship this summer.  Jinglewski, hailing from the state of Georgia, spent her internship in the National Museum of American History Library.  Some projects she worked on included developing web 2.0 strategies for the library, providing the trade literature and cataloging spotlight for the monthly report, shelving and pulling books, and escorting and assisting researchers that pass through the library. Jinglewski also initiated an informal survey of the visitors to the Libraries' exhibition Picturing Words: The Power of Book Illustration, located in the Libraries exhibition gallery on the first floor of the National Museum of American History.  Jinglewski also served as a frequent and lively contributor to this blog. In addition to these assignments, Jinglewski kept especially busy by working one day per week at the National Museum of the American Indian Library

Jinglewski recently earned two general associates degrees, both in arts and sciences, from Cottey College, a women’s college in Nevada, Missouri (pronounced “Ne-VAY-da” to the non-insider…).  She plans to continue her studies at Berry College in Rome, Ga., in August.  Jinglewski says the internship with the Libraries appealed to her because she “would receive a wide range of unique experiences that can’t be found elsewhere.  The atmosphere of the Smithsonian Libraries fosters creativity and innovation like no other place.”

A budding librarian, Jinglewski also applied for the internship to help her explore current trends in librarianship and plan a course of study for an eventual masters degree in library science. Although a collector of golden age sci-fi novels (Poul Anderson, Andre Norton, and Anne McCaffrey), Jinglewski primarily reads non-fiction and political science texts.  She is a whiz at movie trivia (if you see her, try to stump her!). She also enjoys traveling, and embarked on a trip to New Zealand for her spring break this year.—Liz O'Brien

photo by Lu Rossignol


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  2. I envy Jinglewski for having that chance work at the National Museum. Anyways, i believe that the influence Smithsonian has engaged and inspired its alumni to excel at any field of profession.

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