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A three-hour tour…

On June 26 twenty-three Catholic University of America (CUA) library program students and two instructors, Diane Schnuurpusch and Michele Masias, came to the National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Institution Libraries three-hour tour, as part of the CUA 31st Institute on Federal Library Resources.

CUA Visits the LibrariesThe first hour was a question and answer session between the students and National Museum of American History librarians Chris Cottrill and Jim Roan, about the library's role within a museum and academic setting. Samples of the Libraries' trade literature collection were put on display by Roan.

After the first session ended, the students were divided into two groups, with one group staying on-site for a talk by museum curator Dr. Peggy Kidwell, National Museum of American History Information & Communications Technology, who gave a presentation with collection objects on research and using the library. The other group visited the Dibner Library for a tour into the collection vault and reading room given by Special Collections head, Lilla Vekerdy. The groups then switched places and attended the other sessions.—Chris Cottrill

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