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Sledding in the Year 1890

Clipper Sleds. Oak Clippers. Dirigo Clippers. Oak Frame Sleds. Paris Cutter. Double Runners. These sleds were all manufactured by the Paris Manufacturing Co., located in South Paris, Maine, and are included in their 1890 catalog entitled Catalogue of Paris Manufacturing Co.

According to the catalog, Oak Frame sleds led in the numbers manufactured and sold. This type of sled was made of oak timber with a varnished frame and painted top. Prices for these sleds ranged from $6 to $12.

The Patent Steering Attachment was a feature which could be added to some sleds for an extra 75 cents. The attachment consisted of rope which could be pulled to brake or to guide the sled in a certain direction.

Catalogue of Paris Manufacturing Co. is part of the trade literature collection at the National Museum of American History Library. More images of the sleds included in this 1890 catalog can be found on the Galaxy of Images.—Alexia MacClain


  1. This is very timely. We have had heavy snow in London for the first time in years and I have been trying to explain to my sons that the horrible plastic sleds they get these days are nothing lkike the beautifully crafted ones of yesteryear. Thank you, they were impressed by the look of these and now believe me.

  2. peluang usaha ahasu gnaulep

    its really old Sledding

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