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A New Year

J. B. Patterson & Co., Philadelphia, PA. Textile Novelties, 1892, page 18, Satchel Bags.

That time of year has come again.

For some, the new school year has already begun. For others, it will soon be here.

Textile Novelties, a trade catalog by J. B. Patterson & Co., gives us a look into 1892 and the styles of school bags over one hundred years ago . . .

The satchel bag, pictured here, is one example of a school bag. It was made of white cotton yarn with stripes at the top and bottom.  Wondering how much school bags cost in 1892? The 12-inch bag was priced at $12.00 per gross while the 14-inch bag cost $14.00 per gross.

One of the company's most popular bags was the satchel bag with fringe at the bottom. It came in the 14-inch size and cost $19.00 per gross. It was available in full colors and four different patterns.

Textile Novelties by J. B. Patterson & Co. is located in the Trade Literature Collection at the National Museum of American History Library. More images from the catalog can be found on the Galaxy of Images

School bags were not the only product manufactured by this company.  Check back soon to read about J. B. Patterson & Company's hammocks.—Alexia MacClain

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