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The Arrival of Spring Fashion

Imagine wearing these dresses in the Spring or Summer!

John E. Kaughran & Co., New York, NY.  John E. Kaughran & Co.'s Illustrated Catalogue, Spring and Summer, 1884, 1884, page 11, Ladies' suits.

With warmer weather just around the corner, we decided to feature a trade catalog showing Spring and Summer clothing. John E. Kaughran & Co.'s Illustrated Catalogue, Spring and Summer, 1884 takes us back to the late nineteenth century to show us the latest in fashion for the 1884 seasons.

Several styles of Ladies' walking suits are advertised in this catalog by John E. Kaughran & Co. of New York, NY . . .

The suit with the plaid pattern, shown in the middle, was priced at $16.50.  Made of shepherd-plaid dress fabric, it has a kilt skirt with fringe at the bottom.  The suit to the left, priced at $30, was almost double the cost of the shepherd-plaid dress.  The front and back of this dress is trimmed with chenille ornaments and loops.  Also shown on this page is a suit, priced at $25, made of silk and trimmed with fringe or lace and matching ornaments.

Another suit advertised in this catalog is a mourning suit made of all-wool black cashmere. The front of the suit has a short apron overskirt and the back has long full drapery.  It was priced at $18.50.

John E. Kaughran & Co.'s Illustrated Catalogue, Spring and Summer, 1884 is located in the Trade Literature Collection at the National Museum of American History Library.  Check out the Galaxy of Images to see more clothing styles from the 1884 seasons, including wraps and cloaks.

—Alexia MacClain

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