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Up for Adoption: Der Weltkrieg

This cigarette card collector’s book was produced and compiled in Germany in the late 1930’s as a commemoration of World War I, providing a visual record of scenes both on the front and at home. The war theme was popular in the 1930s and was later used for propaganda purposes during the growth of Nazism.

Der Weltkrieg
Der Weltkrieg

Der Weltkrieg has a paper-bound album style binding, and the front cover and spine cover are damaged. It is held in the Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology. Cigarette cards likes this (small-format photo-mechanical prints, collected from cigarette packs) are mounted with adhesive on acidic paper, and many are detached and loose.  Through the support of our Adopt A Book program, we hope that the loss to the cover will be repaired, the cigarette cards reattached, and the protective tissue paper interleaving throughout the book will be replaced. To adopt Der Weltkrieg, visit our website or call 202.633.2241. 

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