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Tag: trade literature

A Watch and a Brooch: Keeping Time with Decorative Jewelry

Today in the 21st Century, some prefer to wear watches while others use their phones to keep track of time. Let’s take a trip into the past, via this trade catalog, to learn about a watch available at the turn of the 20th Century. One option for ladies was to disguise their watch with a decorative piece of jewelry.

The Way to Shop in 1915

While shelving, retrieving, or searching for trade catalogs, it is not unusual to come across one that makes you pause for a moment. This may be for various reasons including vibrant colors, unique illustrations, interesting subjects, age, or even its shape. This time an early 20th Century catalog caught my eye. Its colorful front cover brought back memories of snow days as a child, and the image was so inviting that I had to take a closer look.

Through the Wringer: Laundry in the Late 19th Century

Washing clothes is a common, everyday task, and modern washing machines and dryers have made this chore much quicker. With the aid of the Trade Literature Collection, let’s go back to the late 19th Century for a small glimpse into the types of machines they used for laundry back then.