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Supporting the Biodiversity Heritage Library

Nancy2The Biodiversity Heritage Library’s (BHL) free, open-access collections and services enable scientists to find the information they need to identify, describe, and conserve the world’s species and habitats. BHL collections have been recognized as critical to the international scientific community.


Scientific research is not a static endeavor.  As new technologies emerge and scientific data sets are amassed from across the globe, new research questions arise. The rise of Big Data has given way to Big Research Questions around impactful topics such as the causes and potential solutions for climate change, endangered species, and land management.


Join us on an exciting new chapter in the evolution of the Biodiversity Heritage Library. BHL Version 2.0 will incorporate advanced features, functionality, and content essential to the research needs of scientists, educators, and students. Funding for BHL Version 2.0 will enhance the usefulness of these collections and allow us to continue our status as an elite biodiversity resource.


  BHL Version 2.0 will include:

  • a digital library with services identified through feedback and usability tests;
  • a multi-lingual interface;
  • a platform to host new content formats such as field books, Arabic and Asian-language texts, maps, and transcribed archival materials;
  • image-searching capabilities;
  • semantic metadata allowing users to filter search results by relationship to facets such as habitat, diet, and author; and
  • improved context through user generated annotations and transcriptions.

Contact the Libraries’ Advancement Office at 202.633.2241 or for more information on how you can ensure the future of BHL.


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