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Month: August 2012

The Smithsonian American Art Museum & National Portrait Gallery Library

Mr. Tiffany among the flowers
Mr. Tiffany among the flowers
For close to half a century, Smithsonian American Art Museum & National Portrait Gallery Library has been the premier destination for study in American art and portraiture, serving patrons across the globe.  The collection is now the largest library in the world dedicated to the study of American art and portraiture.

In addition to rich files housing a range of materials, artists are searchable in an online database and books, images, and periodicals are being digitized and made freely available to users worldwide. The Library also serves as a home for twenty research fellows each year, fostering the foundations for the next generation of American art scholars.

Free Tools to Help You Tame Unruly Information

Here’s the latest post in our series, Library Hacks, where we take a look at cool and interesting online resources from the Smithsonian Libraries and the cyberworld at large.

We librarians are all about the organization of information. It’s what we live for! (Well, that might be overstating it a bit.) So when we find great tools for keeping track of info/data/stuff, we get pretty excited. While you may not have the same level of enthusiasm for this that we do, you still can find such tools useful for everything from doing research on a topic of interest, to writing a report for school or work, to collecting your favorite recipes from foodie websites.

Artists’ book exhibit opening at the AA/PG Library

Intern Artists' Book presentationFor the past two summers, three art libraries, the Hirshhorn Library (HMSG), the African Art Library (NMAA), and the American Art Library/National Portrait Gallery Library (AA/PG) have hosted graduate library student interns through the Smithsonian Libraries Professional Development Internship to work on the three libraries’ artists’ book collections.