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Tag: National Library Week

A Trip to the Library

Do you remember visiting your school library as a child? How did you check out a book? Was it by using a computer or on paper? Most libraries of today still have bookshelves but other things at libraries have changed over the years. In honor of National Library Week (April 8-14, 2018), we’re taking a look back. This trade catalog gives us an idea of what we might have seen if we stepped into a library in 1918.

The Challenge of Shelving Books

April 10-16 is National Library Week! In honor of the event, we invite you to explore some of the tools of the trade, circa 1894.

Running out of space for your books? More books than space to shelve them? In the late nineteenth century, the Yost Circular Case Co. had just the thing for you. A revolving circular bookcase which allowed for the storage of more books in less space! This circa 1894 trade catalog entitled Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of the Yost Consolidated Revolving Circular Book Cases describes the Yost Consolidated Revolving Circular Bookcase. This bookcase could be used in homes, offices, or public libraries.

A collection of quotes for National Library Week

If you’ve been following our social media posts for National Library Week (#NLW15), you may have seen a few of our favorite library and book related quotes. In case you missed them, we’ve collected them here for your viewing pleasure. For even more inspiring quotes, visit¬†, a project of the American Library Association.

The history behind the Libraries

A page from “Cristallographie” from James Smithson’s personal library, with notes in his own hand.

Huzzah! It’s National Library Week! April 12th-18th has been designated by the American Library Association as a special time to highlight the importance of libraries in America. While we like to think that every week is “library week”, we appreciate the opportunity to celebrate the amazing things that libraries do.¬† We’ll be sharing some fun facts and quotes about libraries in our social media outlets this week – follow along with us using the hashtag #NLW15.